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Monday, 8 August 2016

Best of Italy

Best of Italy

By: Francis Touschek and Insight Vacations
1500 miles of undiluted history of art, architecture and above all, human endeavour. A cross section of 3000 years of history, beautifully displayed, tangibly visible and also “exhausting”.

Every moment of this tour is a constant reminder of human ingenuity and fallibility. An exhaustive trip to the roots of western civilisation. A trip of a lifetime.

From the primordial and indigenous tribes of the Italian Peninsula, to the nomadic tribes of Asia Minor, the exciting Greek influence, the glories of the Roman empire, the gloom of the dark ages and the Barbaric hords, the Arab and Norman invasions, the sophistication of the Swabe dynasty, the apotheosis of the Italian Renaissance, the gradual decline, the Spanish and French invasions and finally the utopic dream come true, the unity of Italy in 1861.

Italy is not only a beautiful and fascinating country, it is also a beautiful way of life. Every facet of this country is to be experienced, understood and frequently pardoned. It is sometimes confusing and yet proud, chaotic and efficient at the same time, a world-leading industrial and financial reality and yet politically a banana republic. A country of extreme contradictions. A country of sailors and poets, a country of frustrations and indifference.

Every moment of the “Best of Italy” is aimed to share with you a whirlwind experience of a country worthy of many repeat visits, a taste of (always) better things to come, never a dull moment. You leave with a lingering feeling of enrichment and an extraordinary feeling of humility. You will leave with a sense of achievement.

For all the above reasons and many more, you have to experience the truly Best of Italy.

Contact The Little Travel Consultant and get ready for the Best of Italy.

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