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Friday, 8 January 2016

60 Second Geography - Canary Islands


As expected with any island, the beach life is the main life to live. Such phenomenal beaches as Jardin or Martianez offer a wondrous combination of sculptures, black sand, and sky-high waves — all of which embrace the surfing culture but at the same time, embrace those who enjoy basking in the rays
  • If there is one thing the Spanish are proud of, it is their sports. From lucha canaria, a wrestling competition in which the winner forces the opponent to touch the ground with any other part of their body besides their feet to golf or diving, the outdoors are a passion that thrives within everyone.
  • If you are in the mood to learn, courses that will teach you the official language, Spanish, can be taken at the Don Quijote Tenerife Spanish Language School. This may be the most beneficial part of your trip, as it is a skill you'll never lose and can help you communicate with over 500 million people in the world.
  • The nightlife of Tenerife is endless, and arguably the best spot to experience it all is the Casino Taoro. Built in 1892, this classy joint is well known for its dancing, gambling, and remarkably delicious food that lets visitors sample the local dishes.
  • If taking home a language isnât enough of a souvenir for you, be sure to hit up the shops in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. While Tenerife isn't all that known for its shopping, the ability to find great deals on electronics is abundant, so don't be afraid to hunt for anything that you may need.
  • With two main airports and several options to get around, transportation will be the least of your concerns as you embrace the volcanoes and sandy beaches that surround you. Taxis, buses and even renting a car are options, so if the desire to tear up the streets and find a beach of your own overwhelms you, just find your local car rental shop and enjoy the day away.
  • Ready to experience the Canary Islands? Contact The Little Travel Consultant and get started planning your trip.

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