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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

China, the Worlds Most Enduring Culture

Since the time of Marco Polo, the west has been fascinated with China. You can join an exclusive list of cultural explorers as you travel to a nation where the past lives side by side with a limitless future. From the legendary Great Wall and mysterious Forbidden City to the booming modern side of Beijing, China pulses with a timeless energy.

Travel to Tiananmen Square, the largest public square in the world. Explore the Forbidden City, a vast network of palaces which have been home to 24 Chinese Emperors over 491 years.
Discover the Temple of Heaven where the emperor came twice each year to pray. One amazing highlight builds upon another.
As we talk highlights, let’s not forget the Great Wall. You certainly aren’t going to travel all the way to China and not see this legendary man-made structure. Created to protect the vast northern border, the Great Wall stretches for more than 3,700-miles east to west. Seize a rare chance to walk along this iconic national symbol.
Once isolated, China is now a major global power. Travelers today have the exceptional opportunity to visit during a key point in history. This is a journey that goes beyond sightseeing.
By: Johnny Quest and Collette Vacations

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