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Friday, 6 May 2016

Camino de Santiago - Day 6 #caminodesantiago

Day 6 we walked 24km, a little more than expected, though the weather was great. It was cloudy with no sun, but that made the walk a little better as it wasn't so hot. It was supposed to rain today, but not until 2pm so we set out with the goal of arriving before that. The walking today was a lot of uphill and downhill through little paths in the trees which we enjoyed but definitely not great on the sore legs! Also, to get a pilgrim certificate you need to have walked 100km, and where we started today was around 114km to Santiago, therefore many people start their journey here. This made the walk a lot more crowded and busy today, plus we saw a group of 30 or more students, so we spent a lot of time trying to pass them as well as other people. My favourite part of the walk today was approaching Portomarín, as we were walking with a beautiful view and then as we got closer we walked through a rocky tunnel, and you could see the town in the background. Very hard on the knees and legs but fun! Then, we walked over a very long bridge when entering the town, giving us some more great views! Tomorrow's forecast shows rain again but hopefully it is later in the day again!

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