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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Travel Agent Myth

Myth - Travel agents will charge you a huge fee just for talking to them.
If you’re worried that working with a travel agent will result in expensive fees, you may be surprised to find that many charge nothing, unlike numerous high profile travel websites that charge extra fees you don’t see until checkout. 
Even when booking an All Inclusive there is NO additional fee. The commission comes from the travel provider (the company that packages the vacations) so whether you book online or through a Travel Agent the total paid is identical. But when you book with a Travel Agent you have peace of mind that if a problem arises they will be able to assist you.
If a fee is charged to work on a complicated itinerary it is often put towards the final total when you decide to book. This pays for the hours they’ll spend making sure every detail of your vacation is perfectly planned and should you decide not to book then the fee covers the time worked on the project.

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