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Saturday, 8 September 2018

A short stay in Berlin

Part of the Wall

I visited Berlin for a few days in July and was lucky to be able to stay with a friend who lives there.  It’s always better to get a tour from someone local.

Berlin, Germany’s capital dates back to the 13th century.  Very few cities have experienced such frequent, radical changes transforming the face of the city.  

Reminders of the turbulent 20th century history are visible at every turn, the difference in architecture from the ornate, untouched by bombs Victorian town houses, sitting next to plain soviet built apartments.  Remains of the Berlin wall, some standing in their original place reminding everyone of what happened here dividing the city from 1961, until the wall came down in 1989.  

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial) is a somber reminder, a very moving, emotional acknowledgement of what can happen.    The memorial to the Sinti and Roma victims, a monument dedicated to the memory of 220,000-500,000 murdered in the Nazi genocide, another very moving place to visit. 

Nowadays Berlin seems to embrace everyone and it is a city full of diversity.  Berlins street- art scene has exploded in recent years, transforming grey into colour.   From the wonderful art painted along the Wall, to various other areas of the city, if art is your thing you should take an Alternative tour of Berlin. 

There is a large amount of things to see and do in Berlin, something for everyone, a fascinating city.    

The Memorial to the murdererd Jews 

More of the Wall

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