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Monday, 24 August 2015

It's a Gamble

I have been planning my trip to Peru for over a year,  but only really started looking at flights in January.   I don’t like connecting flights,  too much stress in case the incoming flight is late,   and too much waiting around.  My time is more important than the $100 – $200 it may save.
So I looked at direct flights from Toronto to Lima, Peru.   But when to book?   The prices fluctuate so much,  it’s a gamble.   When I started looking in January, Air Canada direct flights were over $1000.    Picking the tour operators I would use in Peru took a while,  so I was constantly checking back to the Air Canada website to look at my date options.   This is when I noticed that the prices fluctuated up to $200.
By the time I had picked the 2 tours,   looked at the connecting flights,  hotel accommodation, airport transfers it was July.
One day I was doing some last minute checks on the dates to make sure it worked with the tours I had booked.  I had no intention of booking the flight.   All seemed good, the direct flights worked with my dates… then I saw the price,   it was just over $700.  Quite a difference from the prices I had seen in January.   So I booked it fast,  worried that it must be a mistake,  but it was confirmed – perfect – I love a good deal,  who doesn’t?   I just checked today, and it’s showing $845.
Moral of this post… keep checking the prices daily.
Next I had to book a flight from Lima to Cusco… that was interesting, I had to factor in ‘Gringo’ pricing!  But that’s a whole other post.

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