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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Beware of different pricing for non residents

Having booked my flight to Peru,  the next task was to get from Lima to Cusco.    Many tourists take this route to Cusco as it is the gateway to the Inca Trail,  so one would assume that there is a tried and tested airline.
On first appearance when using a Canadian booking site,  there are 1 or 2 South American airlines that would take you from A to B.    To research a little further into these I checked on the actual airline website.    I checked several of the other airlines that offered the route and they all came up with approximately $400 for 1 hour 15 minute flight.
Accidentally I didn’t change my ‘country of residence’ on one of the sites, which automatically assumed Peru.   The price was $100.  That’s weird.  So on the same site I changed country of residence to Canada and the price went to $400, $300…that’s a big difference.
Back to the ‘Peru’ site I began to fill in the ticket info,   I needed a Spanish speaking friend to translate,  and it appeared that you needed to prove you were a resident to get the $100 price.
I continued my researched and found another airline with the $100 price.  So I emailed them to ask if there were any restrictions on who could book this flight.  The customer service rep replied within an hour stating that the price if for everyone.
I googled this phenomenon and discovered that some airlines charge a ‘Gringo’ price to non residents.    So beware of different pricing for non residents

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