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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Baby alpacas in dresses and guinea pigs for dinner

The reason some of us travel is to open  eyes to see how other cultures live and how they differ from what we are used to.
Baby alpaca in dresses and bonnets do look very cute, and it’s certainly not something you see everyday. This seems to be the way the Quechuas woman make a living, posing for pictures in their dresses, with an alpaca in their arms. It does make for a lovely holiday picture, but don’t forget to give them some money.
As for seeing Guinea Pig as one of the main meats on the menu, I’m not sure I will ever get used to that and not cringe (I don’t eat meat). I asked the driver who picked me up from the airport. He said that that is the way it has always been, they have never kept them as pets, they have always been bred for meat. I mean, how much meat is there on a Guinea Pig…ok, not thinking about it.
Off to a market today, so I will avoid the food area to save being traumatized by other strange food options.

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