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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Awake in a dream at midnight, alseep in a stream of sunlight (10cc)

Jet Lag!

I don't usually suffer,  but a 12 hour time change is particuarly hard to deal with.  The flights it's self,  the 15 hours was good,  3 movies and 7 hours of sleep,  but trying to get my body used to being awake in the day, and sleep at night had been a bit of a challenge. 

When we travel across multiple time zones we expose our internal biological clock to a different light/dark cycle.    This causes a mismatch in your sleep/wake cycle and makes you feel tired, nauseous, hungry at the wrong time,  awake at the wrong time and throughly messes you up. 

There are multiple thoughts on how to combat jet lag,  take melatonin supplements,  go on a mini fast,  adjust to the new time as soon as you land and don't think about 'what time it was yesterday', get lots of day light,   lay on the ground etc etc.    But I'm not finding anything works this time. 

Recovering apparently depends on the number of time zones crossed, one to two times zones per day.    I crossed 12 time zones,   and it's only day 3,  I guess I have 3 more to go - wow!

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