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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Lets take the night train to Bangkok - it will be a fun experence!

Lets take the night train to Bangkok - sounds like a song title doesn't it, sounds like it could be fun, bar car, restaurant car, yes,  lets do this, it will be a fun experience - OMG!

We had the option of taking a bus that would arrive in Bangkok by 9pm,   or take the night train.      For a reason that I'm not entirely sure of anymore, the majority of us decided on the night train,  maybe to save on the cost of a hotel for the night.   That in itself is crazy as hotels are very cheap in Bangkok.    I think it may have been the idea of a bar car and a restaurant car - visions of the Orient Express came to mind,  the countryside rushing by as we enjoy some food and a a drink with our friends,  our last meal together as a group. 

So off we went to the station arriving in plenty of time for the 10 pm train.    While we waited for our train,  another train came by, we could see the dining car,  the bunks looked nice, yes we thought,   this looks lovely - good decision.

But when our train arrived it wasn't quite a nice as the one before,  in fact it looked decidedly dodgy.    We piled on to find skinny corridors, with green curtains pulled across for the passengers already sleeping on the train.    We all got a little giggly at the situation as we assessed our bunks and where we were going to put the backpacks and cases.  During the process, someone put a pack on the Guards hat which must have been sitting on one of the luggage wracks,    so he immediately took a dislike to us.  Who could blame him,  the noise we made must have woken everyone. 

Another thing I'm not quite sure of is why I chose the upper bunk.   The cost difference was 720 for the lower bunk or 660 Thai Bhat for the upper bunk.   It sounds a lot,  but in reality it was only a couple of bucks, a very silly choice as it was hell getting up there and I hit my head on the roof each time in the cramped little area.

After we got over the initial shock of the bunks we set off to find the dining/bar car.     We went one way and came to a dead end,  so we turned around and went the other way.   Deadend!    Turns out there was no dining/bar car on this train at all.   It was so dissapointing,  there was nothing to do but to try and sleep behind the little green curtain with the lights on all night. 

Meanwhile our friends had been served a refreshing drink as then entered their bus to Bangkok,  and by 9 pm were checking in to their lovely hotel room to enjoy a night in a comfy bed.

Wrong decision,  but it was definitely an experience I won't forget!

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