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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Heading to climb Kilimanjaro! #GAdventures

Africa was never very near the top of my bucket list, however, since hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, and Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal I’ve become a little obsessed with the experience.  I can’t really explain it, I didn’t grow up thinking one day…it just happened.   So I’m heading to Tanzania shortly to summit Kilimanjaro,  Africa’s highest peak at 5, 895 meters, (19,341 feet), and the worlds highest free standing mountain.  It will be my 40th country and 5th continent.   

Reading blogs and watching videos of people who have done it, the consensus is that it will be one of the hardest things I’ll ever do.   I’ve been training at the gym and hiking, but nothing prepares you for the altitude, which living in Canada by the Great Lakes really doesn’t help.    You go through 5 climate changes as you ascend, reaching the top in the bitter cold and snow.    The night of the summit we will wake up at 11pm to make the final hike to the top with headlamps on and walking extremely slowly to see the sun come up.  I am so excited!        

The trail I chose is the Machame route, which is the longest, 9 days, but that gives you a little longer to adjust to the altitude – fingers crossed.   8 nights sleeping in a tent, getting progressively colder with no shower will only add to the experience, but I’m sure it will be the least of my worries. 

Of course I’ll be cut off from the world during this time,  but have scheduled posts to my FB page about each days hike.   I hope to do a video blog which I will post when I return to civilisation.  Joining me on this adventure is Lene from Norway,  we met when we hiked in Nepal and decided that this would be our next trip.    Travelling is a wonderful way of making new friends around the world.

Watch this video if you have time – it may explain better the feeling you get at the summit – or you may think I’m crazy lol.  

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