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Sunday, 22 April 2018

1 Night in Bangkok...

If you don't know the 80's song - listen to it. 

Wat Arun, Bangkok

As the song says, Bangkok is a city full of temples and massage parlors - seriously,  I've never been to a city with so many massage parlors.  Between you and me,  I became slightly addicted to the to the massages.  Well what can you do when it's only $10 for an hour?? 

A full body massage,  but usually the Thai type which I never became fully acustomed to,   or the much more relaxing foot and leg massage.  On a couple of days I ended up with an hour body massage in the morning,  and ended the the day with a foot/leg massage.  Yes, a little excessive, but why not?   

There is nothing like an hour foot and leg massage right before bed.  It doesn't matter what time you are heading to bed,  the massage parlors will be open.  After a day walking around temples, followed by an evening partying or observing the partiers on the Khoa San road its the perfect ending.

The Khoa San road is a crazy crazy place.  During the day it's full of elephant pant stores,  t-shirts stores and other tourist paraphenalia,  but as the sun dips behind the buildings the music starts and the bars, pubs and clubs start trying to entice you it.   You can barely walk down the street by 10pm as it is so full of tourists and the music goes all night - so try not to stay in a hotel on the Khoa San Road as you won't get much sleep,  there are plenty to choose from within walking distance.   

Bangkok is really a city of extremes,   but I absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back.

If you don't know the 80's song here is the link,  you're in for a treat... the intro is the longest ever,  stick with it - it's so worth it ! 

One of my many leg/foor massages
Bar on the Khao San Road

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