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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Deep fried Tarantula anyone????

Breaking the long journey at the side of the road to grab some snacks is a little different in Cambodia!

I have a major fear of spiders of any size, and deep fried or not they are still a source of nightmares.   

What is even more scary than this pile of tarantula’s nicely garnished is that in the white bucket underneath them are 100's of real ones.  Of course, I didn't realise that or I wouldn't have been close enough to take this picture.   

Apparently, they are a great snack and our tour guides wife craved them when she was pregnant and would call him up asking him to pick some up on his way home. 

A couple of the group tried them - they had imagined them to be hairy still, but their weren’t, and disappointingly they didn't spit them out but just swallowed them as if it was nothing unusual.

There were an assortment of other fried bugs, cockroaches, lava, crickets etc for purchase.   I stuck with a nice fresh mango instead!

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