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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

34 ways to improve your travel experience

1. Ziploc bags are great for packing
2. Embrace the corny! Places are usually popular for a reason.
3. Talk to as many locals as possible.
4. Learn how to haggle with respect.
5. Go on a cruise, whether small or large ship there’s bound to be one out there for you.
6. Smart phones are great, but learn about international billing before leaving home.
7. For great photos learn everything you can about whatever camera you have.
8. Book hotels that include complimentary breakfast.
9. Invest in travel insurance, it’s a smart precaution to protect your travel investment.
10. No matter how bad things get at times, always try to keep a positive attitude.
11.. Use ATMs overseas for the best exchange rates.
12. Simple budget cuts at home can amount to enough money for an amazing trip.
Liege Waffle
13 If offered Nutella, the answer is always yes.
14. Buy a travel power strip and use it to easily charge all your devices.
15. Bring a portable battery for your phone, you’ll need it during a long day of sightseeing.
16. Use public transportation, it’s cheaper, more fun and you learn more about the destination.
Khaosan Road in Bangkok
17. Be humble and don’t turn into a stereotype. No matter where you go, you’re a guest and you should act like it.
18. Spend a little more for amazing experiences; it may be your one chance to do them!
19. Stay curious; it’s the best arrow in your travel quiver.
20. Get lost at least once on every trip.
21. Ask locals for the best places to eat.
Ritz Carlton Tokyo
22. Visit grocery stores overseas, cheaper snacks and a great lesson in the culture.
23. I love hotels, but short term apartment rentals are fun too for a more ‘local’ experience.
24. Learn a few phrases in a foreign language, it’ll help you more than you know.
25. Always pack a bathing suit, you just never know.
26. Never eat anywhere with a ‘tourist’ menu.
27. Take time to learn how to drive stick shift. Some places in the world it will be your only option.
28. Don’t overdo the food when you travel, healthy choices will keep you going longer.
29. Disconnect if you can and learn to enjoy the experience firsthand and not through a phone or camera lens.
Seven Dials Covent Garden
30. Plan ahead, but don’t go crazy. Spontaneous travel moments are usually the best.
31. Travel more, even if it’s a couple of hours away.
32. To beat jet lag align yourself to the new time zone right away, even if it means staying up all day.
33. Make copies of your passport and either email them to yourself or store in Dropbox in case the worst happens.
34. Don’t only listen to travel ‘experts’ – always follow your gut and your heart

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