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Friday, 6 November 2015

Carry on liquid restrictions

I recently took a flight from London Gatwick to Barcelona.   It was only a 3 night visit so I just had my carry on luggage.
This creates problems with regards to cosmetics, hair and body products which usually come in liquid form,   and as we are all aware now,  only 100 ml of a product can go in your hand luggage.
I spent sometime before the trip moving shampoo, conditioner and body lotion from big bottles into 100 ml bottles.  Also bought small versions of other products that I use so that I was prepared.
When I got to security I discovered that all of my precious little bottles had to fit in 1 clear plastic zip lock bag supplied by the airport (unless you were so organised that you had your own).  This was a whole new problem.    It was quite a site,  all the ladies trying to squeeze, move  and juggle their bottles to fit into the clear bag.
I finally got everything squeezed in  and put the suitcase onto the screening conveyor belt. As it went through the x-ray machine,  a metal arm came out and pushed mine to the 'what illegal products do you have in here' side for inspection.
As I waited at the end the kind lady went through my suitcase and brought out a miniature sized hair styling mousse that I had just bought and forgot was loose in the case.    Now it may be a miniature sized mousse,  but it still had to go in that same little plastic zip lock bag that I had spend 20 minutes stuffing all the other things into, or it was going to be confiscated.
Fortunately the nice lady was an expert at these things.  Took all the little bottles out of my zip lock,  re-positioned everything,  and squeezed it all in and was able to zip the bag up.  I don't know how she did it,  but what a relief - bad hair days in Barcelona had been averted.
Did you know that is possible to buy products such as shampoo, conditioner and body lotion in solid form from Lush?   This would have avoided the whole liquid restrictions nightmare.

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