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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Upgrade your seat for more luggage allowance

I fly back and forth to London, UK once or twice a year.   For some reason I can't seem to limit myself to 23 kg.  Yes,  I know,  its shocking,  and it has become a family joke.    Checking in is always a very stressful experience as I know that I have over 23 kg,  and if they need to weigh my hand luggage then I could be in trouble.
Last year I actually paid to bring home an extra suitcase,  and I was still verging on being over my limit with 2 suitcases... yes,  I have a problem.
There is quite a hefty penalty if your luggage is overweight.   It used to be a per kilo fee,  then it change to a flat rate.
Instead of stressing before leaving for the airport this year, I checked a few days before and discovered that for half the cost charged for the penalty on over weight luggage,  I could upgrade the seat, and get an extra 10 kilos of baggage allowance.   This also gave you a free seat selection, priority check in, priority boarding and priority baggage handling - meaning your suitcase comes out first at the other end,  that was a huge bonus.
It was definitely worth the extra $55 and I will be doing it again,   only on the return flight when I have bought too much.

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