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Monday, 16 November 2015

The Inca Trail - Day 4

Up early today as everyone is up and ready for their coffee.    Unfortunately the weather has closed in and those beautiful view that we had are gone.  Quite foggy,  I am glad we were able to see them last night.  
After breakfast we gather to say goodbye to the porters as some of them will leave before lunch,  and tonight we sleep in the town.   It's very sad to see them go. 
We set off downhill for most of the morning stopping at some amazing terraced ruins.    Most of the trail today was easier,  you had time to appreciate the wonderful views,  or which there were many.  
We descend to Winay-Wayna ruins (2591m), a small Inca city which, like Machu Picchu, was abandoned for unknown reasons.
Then from Inti Punku - the Gate of the Sun - there is a sudden and fantastic view of the Lost City itself, Machu Picchu.  It is quite emotional for all of us.  Having been a self-contained unit for the last 4 days, in isolation almost,  it was quite a shock to encounter lots of tourists.   People who had taken the train there, while we had hiked for 4 days.  It somehow seemed wrong.   But as it was mid afternoon the ruins themselves were empty really which was lovely.   

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