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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Sleeping on the airport floor.. fun times.


So the flight from Toronto to Lima was about 8 hours arriving in Lima at midnight. My flight to Cusco wasn't until 6am, so I knew that I would have an uncomfortable night, but silly me had envisioned seats that you could lay down on.
Having collected my baggage, I look for the Departures area. Well the domestic departures is closed until the morning. There were several small cafes and restaurants, but none of those long bench seats that you see in other airports, that you can lay down on.
I circled the airport a few times hoping that I had missed the "comfy" area, but no. There was a wide corridor where a number of back packers and randoms had set up a sleeping dormitory. Fortunately I had my sleeping bag in my suit case, so pulled that out, organised my back pack as a pillow and called it bed time. Not the best, but not the worst few hours sleep ever.
The hi-light of my night was going to the bathroom to watch the water flush in the other directions. The Coriolis effect.

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