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Saturday, 28 November 2015

How much to tip when travelling.

It’s hard to know when visiting a new country what is expected in the way of tipping  for hotel staff, tour guides or in restaurants.
Before your trip it’s always a good idea to research a little as it can vary a lot.  Some countries/areas include gratuity in restaurants,  some do not.
Usually first world coutries have a set percentage that is expected,  while less develop countries do not.You can always check with your tour guide,  or hotel staff to see what the local customs are.
If you are on an organised tour,  it is usual to tip the tour guide,  the driver,  and cooks/porters, if it’s that type of tour.  You can always contact the tour office with these questions before you leave.
On my recent trip to Peru, hiking the Inca trail we tipped all of the 24 porters, cook, assistant cook and tour guide.   That seems like a lot,  but when you see the amount of work they do,  and realise how little they get paid,  compared to people in first world countries,  it just seems right.
For further help you may want to check this link;

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